Holy Week

Most duties of the liturgist are fairly repetitive, or at least do not require much special planning. This is not the case for Holy Week. It is advisable to meet with the chaplain up to a month in advance to begin planning for Holy Week services. The pages linked below are guidelines for the major services the Liturgy Committee is responsible for during Holy Week, though these may change year to year. It may be helpful to choose servers well in advance and use the same people for the Palm Sunday and Easter Vigil services.

Holy week is the week directly prior to Easter Sunday. Canterbury is responsible for the 5:30 PM Palm Sunday service, the 10 PM Maundy Thursday foot washing service and all night vigil, the 3 PM Good Friday Stations of the Cross, and the 5:30 AM Easter Vigil.

There is no Tuesday Wren service during Holy Week; Canterbury is not responsible for the 5:30 PM Easter service

Bruton also holds services at 5:30 PM, Monday through Wednesday; 11 AM and 7 PM Maundy Thursday services; Noon and 7 PM Good Friday services; and Easter services at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM (church and churchyard); 11:15 AM (church and churchyard); and 5:30 PM.

See Also: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Stations of the Cross, Easter Vigil.

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