Canterbury is led by a student vestry and divided by committee. Individual committees and members are listed below.

College Chaplain

The Rev. John Maxwell Kerr, SOSc


Chris Ours

The Warden serves as the face of Canterbury. He represents Canterbury to both the Bruton Parish family and the College as a whole. He is also responsible for running the Vestry meetings and making announcements to Canterbury at Sunday dinners.

Liturgy Committee

Aimee Forsythe
Kevin Lonabaugh
Sean Moran

The Liturgy Committee is responsible for setting up before and cleaning up after the Sunday and Tuesday services. They schedule College students to serve as acolytes, readers, and ushers for the Sunday services.

Social Committee

Kristin Kiel
Molly Fitzhugh

The Social Committee organizes and runs social events, ranging from casual movie nights to the Canterbury Lecture Series.

Outreach Committee

Angelica Mancone
Sarah Rozycki

The Outreach Committee organizes community outreach projects, from volunteering at Campus Kitchen to helping in the collection of food for local foodbanks.

Kitchen Chair

Jessica Lowe

The Kitchen Chair is responsible, whether personally or with the assistance of volunteers, for cooking the Sunday evening dinners.

Communications Officer

Emily Bartlett

The Communications Officer is responsible for sending out the weekly listserv email, keeping the website up to date, and editing the Canterbury Tales.

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