Bruton Parish Church

Bruton Parish Church is located in the restored area of Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. It was established in the 17th century in the Virginia Colony, and is an active Episcopal parish.

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Staff Members of Bruton


The Reverend Christopher Epperson, Rector
The Reverend Charles Robinson, Associate Rector
The Reverend John Maxwell Kerr, College Chaplain
The Reverend Daniel T. Avery, Assisting Priest

Administrative Staff

Leslie Coe, Christian Education Director
James S. Darling, Organist & Choir Master Emeritus
JanEl B. Will, Director of Music & Organist
Rebecca E. Davy, Associate Organist & Choir Director
Genrose M. Lashinger, Joyful Noise Choir Director
Dudley Hoyle, Comptroller
Mike Wanless, Facilities Manager
Ronald Cotman, Sexton
Hilary Cooley, Rector Executive Secretary
Judy Cadieux, Parish Secretary
Carol Weaver, Shop Manager

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